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Your Garage Door Opener: Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing It

Your Garage Door Opener: Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing It

Garage door openers are not complicated mechanisms. The average lifespan is 10-15 years, but with proper maintenance, you can get 20 or more out of it. But even if yours still works fine there’s good reason to consider replacing it. Newer models offer a host of safety, security, and convenience features that may be reason enough to buy a new garage door opener.

Here are some reasons why you should consider replacing your garage door opener:

Better Security Features

The old type of garage door openers can be vulnerable to thieves because their remote controls functioned with a fixed code, which means that anyone with a special device may be able to sit outside your home and figure out the code, allowing them to open your garage door.

New garage door openers are more secure than their predecessors because they have a “rolling code” feature that changes the code each time you use it. This prevents thieves from duplicating the code and getting into your garage uninvited.

Safety Reversing Mechanism

In 1993, a new safety regulation was put into effect that required garage door openers to be equipped with a safety reversing mechanism. This feature utilizes two sensors about six inches above floor level on both sides of the door, and when an object like a child or pet runs through the light beam while it’s closing, the door immediately stops and reverses direction. We recommend replacing your garage door opener if it doesn’t have a safety reversing feature or if it no longer works.

Battery Backup

One of the biggest inconveniences during a power outage is often not being able to open your garage door. With battery backup systems now available, you’ll be able to protect yourself from this problem by having an automatic opening system that kicks in when you lose power.

Quieter Operation

Does your garage door opener wake you up at night or disrupt your household because it’s too noisy? If so, look into replacing your old opener with a new one that will be considerably quieter. The original type of garage door opener opened and closed with a chain drive. If you can see something that looks like bicycle chains near the motor unit, consider replacing it with one which uses a screwdriver or belt-driven mechanisms instead. Even a newer model chain drive is quieter than the older model, but the quietest of all garage door openers is the belt drive model, but screw drives are not too far behind.

Keypad Entry Feature

Older garage door models did not offer keypads that could be installed outside the garage. The newer garage door openers have this handy feature that allows you to enter the code into the keypad to open your garage door. This means no more keys are needed. You may be able to buy one separately or install it with your existing garage door opener, however if not, it may be a good reason to upgrade to a newer model.

HomeLink Feature

Newer garage door openers allow you to program and control your home’s garage door with the HomeLink feature built into many new cars. The system does not require a remote control. The controls are built into your vehicle and can open or close your garage door when it’s programmed so it will recognize the garage door opener.

Wireless Features

Newer garage door openers are now equipped with Wi-Fi and cell phone connectivity so that you can remotely lock or unlock your garage from anywhere or alert you when your garage door is open. A cell phone, computer, or pad device equipped with the right app is able to monitor and control your garage door.

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